Maximum Fibre Channel Distances

Just a quick hit and run blog post for today… This table authored by Karl Hohenauer just came into my inbox. With the changes in cable quality (OM3, OM4) the supported fibre channel distances have confused a few people, so this will be a good reference doc to remember.

Also available on IBM techdocs

“OM1 cable is not recommended for 16Gb/s FC, but is expected to operate up to 15m. These distance estimates are listed in the 16Gb/s FC specification completed in September 2010. When 16Gb FC products become available, specific implementations may support different distances.”


5 Responses

  1. I’m more excited by bendable FC like ClearCurve, that comes in OM3 and OM4.

    Imagine not worrying that a customer did a tight wrap after you’ve gone.


  2. Good to know OM3 with 4Gb can support upto 380Mts, we are planning to get in cage which is about 250mts far.


  3. […] Maximum Fibre Channel Distances | We’re all only here temporarily…. […]


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