World’s most affordable high-function 500TB+ block I/O disk solution

Gotta love this price-optimized solution for two tier disk… (plus Easy Tier automatic SSD read/write tiering).

This is possibly the most affordable high-function 500TB+ disk solution on the planet… and it all fits into only 32u of rack space!

Yeah I know it’s a completely arbitrary solution, but it does show what’s possible when you combine Storwize V7000’s external virtualization capability with DCS3700’s super high density packaging which perfectly exploits the “per tray” licensing for both Storwize V7000 and for TPC for Disk MRE. The Storwize V7000 also provides easy in-flight volume migration between tiers, not to mention volume striping, thin provisioning, QoS, snapshots, clones, easy volume migration off legacy disk systems, 8Gbps FC & 10Gbps iSCSI.

Check out the component technologies:

Storwize V7000 at 

DCS3700 at

and TPC for Disk at


5 Responses

  1. Sorry, but how are you connecting the DCS3700 SAS storage device to the FC based V7000 ? Using the SAS Expansion attachments?


  2. The two devices are both connected to the FC switches (DCS3700 has 8Gbps FC ports).


  3. I thought that v7000 has only 2 level tiering, how this solution does 3 level?


  4. Easy Tier SUB-LUN tiering (usually 256MiB chunks) on Storwize V7000 is two-level, so as shown here would generally be between the SSDs and the SAS drives, although you could have one two-level tier of SSD+SAS and a second independent two-level tier of SSD+NL-SAS.

    Storwize V7000 VOLUME tiering (administrator-driven in-flight volume migration between tiers) can be done amongst any number of tiers.

    If you’re using the File Services modules on Storwize V7000, you also get Active Cloud Engine – policy-automated FILE tiering (based on file attributes including TLA etc) between as many tiers of storage as you want. See starting at the 1 minute 25 second mark.


  5. Thanks for your reply, Jim!


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