xkcd: Password Strength

I just thought this one was worth highlighting…


2 Responses

  1. Really nice way to express a simple concept.

    Of course the number of clients I visit who are still on defaults or are using ‘passw0rd’ and pa55word…. sigh…


  2. (Just a non techie guy from the other type of storage industry) Whilst these things may seem obvious to you – beefing up passwords – the simple fact is that there is not much information out there for us non techie types explaining, in simple non technical language, why weak passwords are so dangerous and what sort of thing we mightdo to construct a password that is easy to remember.
    We all have so many PIN numbers, telephone numbers and passwords to remember these days it becomes almost impossible so we revert to simple passwords. I assumed that there were software programmes that could blast through every known word, so changing a letter for a number was actually quite smart but as you guys obviously think that is risible can you explain why. Is it because there are software programmes out there that also replace numbers and words? Should we also add in other keys? Is there a good guide as to the number of characters / keys that one should use?
    Don’t just laugh at us – help us. A simple guide on how to construct a password would be very helpful. Pretty please.


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