NAS Robot Wars

The new Storwize V7000 Unified (Storwize V7000U) enhancements mean that IBM’s common NAS software stack (first seen in SONAS) for CIFS/NFS/FTP/HTTP/SCP is now deployed into the midrange.

Translating that into simpler language:

IBM is now doing its own mid-range NAS/Block Unified disk systems.

Anyone who has followed the SONAS product (and my posts on said product) will be familiar with the functions of IBM’s common NAS software stack, but the heart of the value is the file-based ILM capability, now essentially being referred to as the Active Cloud Engine.

The following defining image of the Active Cloud Engine is taken from an IBM presentation:

What the file migration capability does is place files onto a specific tier of disk depending on the user-defined policy.

e.g. when disk tier1 hits 80% full, move any files that have not been accessed for more than 40 days to tier2.

Importantly these files keep their original place in the directory tree.

The file-based disk to disk migration is built-in, and does not require any layered products or additional licensing.

Files can also be migrated off to tape as required without losing their place in the same directory tree, using HSM which is licensed separately.

Another important feature that IBM’s competitors don’t have is that although there are two file services modules in every Storwize V7000U operating in active/active configuration they present a single namespace to the users e.g. all of the storage can be presented to a single S: drive.

And the final key feature I wanted to mention was the unified management interface for file and block services, another feature which some of our competitors lack.

Naturally there are many other features of the Storwize V7000U, most of which you’ll find mentioned on the standard Storwize V7000 product page and the Storwize V7000 Unified infocenter.

Today IBM also announces SONAS 1.3, as well as a 243TB XIV model based on 3TB drives, SVC split cluster up to 300Kms, Block replication compatibility between SVC and Storwize V7000, Snapshot-based replication option for SVC and Storwize V7000 and an assortment of Tivoli software enhancements.

Check out IBM bloggers Tony Pearson, Barry Whyte and Rawley Burbridge who have more details.

Meanwhile talking about Active Cloud Engine as a kind of robot reminded me of another robot. Although I have never really been at ease with the ugly competitiveness of capitalism, I do hate losing, so perhaps this is a more apt image to show how we see the Active Cloud Engine ‘robot’ stacking up against the competition.

And here are some other Killer Robots:

The Big Bang Theory “The Killer Robot

Hypno-Disc Vs Pussycat

Razer Vs Onslaught

Jamie Hyneman’s (MythBuster) robot Blendo in action against DoMore


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  1. I guess that means the end of the N-series from IBM…


  2. […] be migrated off to tape as required without losing their place in the same directory tree. Read on here LD_AddCustomAttr("AdOpt", "1"); LD_AddCustomAttr("Origin", "other"); […]


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