IBM XIV Gen3 Latest Announcements

Recently announced XIV 11.3 adds several valuable new features…

  • 48GB cache per grid module (15 x 48 = 720GB RAM cache per system standard)
  • 4TB drives (325 TB in a single rack) encryption-ready
  • Consistent rebuild times of 13 minutes per TB of data on a busy 15 module system
  • The on-the-go XIV monitoring for iPhone is now also provided for Android
  • Support for OpenStack Grizzly (the latest release of open source software for building your own cloud, similar to Amazon EC2, Azure, etc)
  • Hyperscale Mobility (non-disruptive volume migration between XIVs). No need for monolithic expansion when you can build a grid of grids : )
  • Support for vCenter Operations Manager
  • Host kit enhancements to make best-practice host connectivity easier

Plus a Statement of Direction: “IBM intends to add support for self-service capacity provisioning of block storage, including IBM XIV Storage System, through use of IBM SmartCloud Storage Access.”

Sales Manual


IBM has also just published an SPC-1 benchmark result for XIV. Because the document hasn’t quite made it to the SPC-1 web site,  and because I wanted to focus on a particular detail of SPC-1 that I find interesting, I have split this blog post into two parts and I will delay the second part until the XIV result appears in public.

Meanwhile you can check out the new IBM XIV Performance Whitepaper here.

4 Responses

  1. Jim – you mention support for Self-Encrypting Drives in this latest XIV announcement. I can’t seem to find any mention of that anywhere except here. Can you point me toward some official info? I’ve got customers anxiously awaiting encrypted drive support!


  2. The 4TB drives are self-encrypting drives, but there may be some software elements required (e.g. planned for a future release) before we can promote XIV as fully encryption-capable. This should be clarified soon.


  3. […] I stumbled upon is interesting, but really this post was just an add-on to the more important  first half of the post on the new XIV features, and was intended to celebrate the long-awaited SPC-1 result from the XIV team. Let’s leave […]


  4. […] time, and until you run out of physical space to re-protect the VM’s. (Readers familiar with the IBM XIV distributed cache grid architecture will also recognise this approach to rinse-and-repeat […]


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